Adam Richardson

Adam Richardson is the Inventor of the N2 Tower Fire Suppression System, Co-Founder and President of N2 Towers Inc. ("N2"). Mr. Richardson has been a key participant in the clean agent fire suppression business for over 35 years and is a former board member of the Halon Alternative Research Corporation (HARC). While President and majority owner of a Canadian-based total flood fire protection system supplier in Toronto, he designed the first Underwriters Laboratory Canada (ULC)-approved Halon reclamation system, sold and installed the first UL/ULC-listed FM-200 fire protection system in Canada in 1993, and oversaw the UL/ULC listing of the first approved argon inert gas fire system for North America in 2000.

Adam continues to assist in the technical development and full scale commercialization of his co-invented N2 Generator fire suppression systems technology, presently scheduled to be completed during Q4-2017.

Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 416-459-1125
Belleville, ON.

Adam Richardson

Adam Richardson - Co-Founder and President

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