N2 Tower Approvals

July 16, 2010 DoT and UN Certification for transportation of N2 fire suppression systems by air cargo. August 9, 2010 US EPA approval for the sale of N2 fire suppression systems in the USA and in occupied spaces. September 2010 edition FS Word magazine includes article about N2 fire suppression systems. ... Continue Reading »

News Update from N2 Towers

Our N2 fire suppression system has now established itself as an extremely effective clean agent fire suppression system over the last 12 months of testing at UTeC Labs in Kansas, USA as well as being 100% environmentally friendly, with a 25 year service-free shelf life. During the week of Monday, July 7, 2010 at the Eurosatory military conference in Paris, France our N2 fire suppression systems were installed inside a number of armor vehicles on display at ... Continue Reading »