Successful N2 Aircraft testing!

Successful N2 Generator discharge tests as witnessed by Boeing Engineers on March 22, 2013 at UTeC Labs Kansas;

Objective: Test N2 2”x14” steel bodied generators for heat transfer and maximum single-nozzle jet pressure generated to evaluate possible stress on nearby external structural components using the Boeing test stand.

Conclusion: Seven steel-bodied N2 Towers 2”x14” inch fire suppression gas generators were assembled at the UTEC test facility. There were several different test configurations. A test fixture was built as per drawings supplied by engineers from The Boeing Company seen in Figures 2 and 3. The test fixture consisted of a pair of steel brackets with which to mount the N2 generator and a transfer plate of aluminum backed by a wood support at a fixed distance from one of the nozzled faces of the generator. Twenty thermocouples were arranged on the generator surface, end caps, mounting bracket and transfer plate. A pressure transducer was also installed in the plate backer and located directly in line with one of the nozzles to obtain the jet pressure during activation. The transfer plate assembly was set at three different separation distances to obtain a distance based differential….

Download the entire test report here.